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Best Calendar Scheduling Apps


When there’s simply not enough time in the day, what do you do? How’s this time? How’s that time? How about you just book it yourself?! That’s why it is best to select the most efficient scheduling apps for your business and personal needs. If you need to schedule appointments, one on one or group meetings, conference calls, Zoom meetings, small or large scale projects, or anything else that needs a time and a place, you need to find the scheduling app that’s best for you.

A scheduling app or software is a tool that enables your clients or customers to reserve time with you with ease and speed. The scheduler picks the best time for them using a portal that displays your calendar. This enables you to lessen emails, phone calls, and texts. It encourages consumer connection, simplifies marketing, and strengthens ties. It should increase conversion rates and give your company more competitive benefits. You can design your own rules, specify your availability, and create scheduling solutions that benefit both your company and your clients.

These tools are quite popular in the health and wellness industry, the professional service industry, the salon and beauty industry, and the medical industry. You can integrate online scheduling tools with a variety of applications, including content management systems, email clients, website builders, and calendaring tools.


Workforce Scheduling

Scheduling apps help business owners to manage employees by scheduling shifts and tracking calendars in real-time. It also allows owners and managers to schedule employees based on their skills and expertise. With scheduling software, you can manage your staff across locations and allow them to update their availability.

Automated Scheduling

Scheduling software should instantly update booking requests made based on availability. A typical scheduling tool can also manage a waiting list of scheduling allocations should a booking be rescheduled or canceled.

Calendar Syncing

This tool can also share schedules and bookings with the relevant people, no matter their location. It can also integrate with other calendar applications like Google Calendar or iCal.


Enables the user to send automated reminders to participants via SMS, email notifications, and/or push notifications.


Managers can use these tools to track employees’ time. They help track attendance, absence rates, and PTO (Paid time off) days. Some applications also integrate with HR and payroll processing software to help in other day-to-day tasks.

Most Popular Apps

Resource Guru

Resource Guru goes beyond scheduling meetings, and they are trusted by many popular companies and the US Government’s space program, NASA. Amongst the many services it offers, scheduling and automation is its most sought-after one. It also comes with an easy-to-use interface that makes scheduling and rescheduling workload among your team a breeze.

You can get a wider view of your entire team and their responsibilities so that you don’t overwork or underutilize anyone. It also allows you to drag and drop a project from one person’s timeline to another. Resource Guru’s smart filters can also find employees based on skill, experience, and location.

Make the most out of your employees by quickly using the Availability Bar to look up maximum billable hours and free slots for each employee.

Resource Guru’s pricing begins at $2.50 per person/month with a 30 day free trial and email and phone support.

For some of the best scheduling software try It’s accepted by brands like Coca-Cola, EA, and Hulu, and the app is known for its seamless user experience and interface. It helps you make the most of every billable minute by simplifying scheduling and task management. allows you to set due dates and add tasks for each project while viewing all your data in timeline and calendar views. Plan your week in advance and keep a track of all the tasks and projects that are soon due and never miss a deadline. Monday can integrate with Google Calendar so that you can mark up all important events on the calendar and set reminders. Monday’s time tracking feature can be used to track where you and your team spend each minute of your day. has three plans that begin at $8.00 per seat/month with a free trial.They also offer a free plan as well.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity is a cloud-based app that allows employees to track their availability in real-time and make or change their appointments accordingly. Acuity has a friendly user interface and a lot of handy functions. You can automate your schedules and sync your calendars according to the user’s time zones .It is a user-friendly application that acts as your personal online assistance and helps your customers book appointments with you online.

Plans start at $14 a month and go to $50 a month with a free trial, and email and phone support.


If you have a service business, SimplyBook is the best scheduling tool for you. Along with various scheduling features, SimplyBook also provides customized pages with complete booking solutions. What makes it slightly different from Acuity Scheduling is that it offers a free account for new users to get acquainted. SimplyBook also integrates with Facebook, Instagram, and Google to help you get leads and manage their appointments better.

After the free trial, SimplyBookoffers plans from $8.25 up ro $44.90a month.

HubSpot Meetings

HubSpot Meetings is an incredible tool that provides personalized booking links to invite people to book meetings with you according to your availability.

You’ll automatically receive their contact details in your calendar whenever someone books a meeting with you. These details will also be added to your HubSpot CRM database.

You can also integrate HubSpot Meetings with Google Calendar and Office 365. To sweeten the deal, as soon as you sign up with HubSpot Meetings, you’ll also gain access to: HubSpot free CRM, HubSpot Marketing,   HubSpot Sales and Customer Service Tools, and HubSpot Academy.

HubSpot Meetings offer a free plan in which you get: 1 personalized meeting link, integration with CRM, unlimited meetings, and an embeddable calendar. Their premium plans contain major features like integration with marketing and sales tools, with pricing starting at $50 per month. Customer support includes chat, email and phone.


For small businesses, Bookafy is a versatile tool to schedule calls, meetings, sales demos, and appointments. The setup is very easy, and it can seamlessly integrate or embed your personal calendars. You can also generate meeting links for your appointments using apps like Zoom and GoToMeeting.

One of its more interesting features is skill-based scheduling. When a customer requests a meeting, they will be booked with the employee having the most related skills and expertise in the subject matter.

They offer a 7-day trial with no obligations. Their pro plan starts at $9 per month. Customer Support features live chat.


Setmore is a simple but very powerful scheduling software. You don’t even  have to be technically experienced to get it set up.The  set-up wizard does the work for you. Another unique feature of this app is its desktop application. You can see your appointments even when you are offline. No other scheduling tool offers this feature.

By allowing smooth integration with other tools like Zoom and Teleport, Setmore helps you reach out to your global audience in just a few steps. It  allows you to accept payments in advance securely so that you don’t have to chase pending invoices.

They offer a generous free plan with all  the essential features unlocked and no credit card required. Their paid plans start from $9 per month. Customer support is available through email, phone, and chat.


If you are looking for an application to plan ahead and design a schedule for your day, try Todoist. It is one of the best apps for scheduling your day and one of the best free scheduling apps.

Todoist is used by brands like Amazon, Shopify, and Disney and you can get started with Todoist for free. This app is perfect for both self-employed individuals as well as teams looking for a tool that keeps their project details organized.

Todoist has a free trial and plan. Other plans start at $4.00 a month and offer a help center.

If you’re self-employed, a small or medium business, or a large corporation, these scheduling apps will make life so much better by organizing your time and workflow, booking appointments, and generally making life easier for you. With employers and managers spending an average of 2 to 12 hours on scheduling tasks every week, the need for scheduling software couldn’t be more apparent.

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