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Subbly is a comprehensive web-based subscription eCommerce platform that empowers businesses to build websites, enhance marketing automation, create coupon and discount codes, and efficiently manage customers. With Subbly, you can streamline your subscription-based business and create a seamless customer experience.

Build Stunning Websites with Ease

Subbly provides an intuitive website builder that allows you to create stunning subscription-based websites without any coding skills. You can choose from customizable templates, add your branding, products, and pricing, and create a professional online store that reflects your brand. Subbly also offers flexible checkout options, including one-time purchases, recurring subscriptions, and gift subscriptions, giving you complete control over your sales process.

Enhance Marketing Automation

Subbly helps you automate your marketing efforts to drive customer engagement and retention. You can create automated email campaigns for onboarding, upselling, and re-engaging customers, and segment your customers based on their behavior and preferences. Subbly also provides built-in analytics and reporting tools, allowing you to track your marketing performance and make data-driven decisions to optimize your campaigns.

Create Coupon and Discount Codes

Subbly makes it easy to create and manage coupon and discount codes to incentivize customers and drive sales. You can create percentage or fixed amount discounts, set expiration dates, and limit usage to specific products or customer segments. Subbly also provides options for creating subscription-specific discounts, allowing you to create targeted promotions for different customer segments.

Efficient Customer Management

Subbly simplifies customer management with its built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools. You can easily manage customer profiles, track order history, and handle customer inquiries and support tickets from within the platform. Subbly also offers subscription management features, such as automated billing, customer retention tools, and subscription analytics, helping you to efficiently manage your customer base and maximize customer lifetime value.

All-in-One Platform for Subscription eCommerce

Subbly is a complete solution for subscription eCommerce, providing all the essential features you need to run a successful subscription-based business. From website building and marketing automation to coupon and discount code creation and customer management, Subbly offers a seamless and user-friendly platform to simplify your subscription eCommerce operations. Try Subbly today and unlock the full potential of your subscription-based business.

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